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It's time for a new adventure...


Throughout my life, I have struggled.

As a girl, adolescent, young woman, and now a middle aged single mother.

In. Every. Aspect. Of. Life.

My goal on this path of self-exploration is to dig deeper into my hauntings from the past and present day trials, not only to discover a more profound sense of self and understanding, but also give a platform for imaginative growth and progress. My hope is to provide a voice and perspective for others who may have experienced (or are experiencing) similar issues. 

I have no doubt that these musings, recollections, evaluations, and explorations will be relatable, funny, sad, angering, maybe even shameful, but more than anything, I hope they are useful. For you and for me. 

Adventure awaits and we will never know the thrill until we go!

So, let's go! Thank you for joining me on this very personal journey into myself -- the pieces that I need to cling to with all my might, the lost treasures that I need to reclaim, and the unworthy aspects that need to be abandoned...

Much love, 

Amanda Marie

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