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Abandoning Amanda

One Woman's Exploration of Self

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Chameleon Colors

As of today, I have been single for 271 days. The longest period of time in my entire adult life. Even though I recognized my...

A Table for One

A Table For One From a young age, we are typically surrounded by people. These initial relationships in infancy and childhood teach us...

You Don't Belong Here

I specifically remember the date that I hit rock bottom. October 5, 2019. I couldn’t catch my breath, streaming tears, hysterically...

The Weight of Unshed Tears

I recently started watching the ABC series How to Get Away With Murder, which is currently streaming on Netflix. I typically look for...

Soften the Scrutiny

Creativity comes in every shape, form, sound, color, and expression that we can imagine and then beyond. Every one of us has aspects of...

My Goodbye

This worn out, old notebook has traveled with me across the country and through decades of my life. It started as a class journal my...

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